Date Posted 12/17/10

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Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Division of Chemical Sciences & Engineering

The Nanobiophysics Laboratory within the Division of Chemical and Life Science and Engineering invites applicants for several postdoctoral positions in the area of membrane biophysics applied to Cell Adhesion and vesicular trafficking in eukaryotes. 

You could enjoy a truly unique Postdoctoral opportunity to contribute to Nanobiophysics research at a new university with exciting global ambitions. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is one of the biggest, most significant developments in higher education of recent times. 

We are interested in understanding the intimate relationship that exists between lipid molecules composing the cellular organelles and the proper function of the transmembrane proteins. In cell adhesion we are interested in the dynamics and statics of integrin clustering and its relationship to actin ordering. In the case of vesicular trafficking we are also interested in the behavior of coat proteins during vesicular transport. Our main interest will lie within the COPI/ArfGAP1 system and the vesicle generation. The methods applied will include in vivo and in vitro transport assays, protein chemistry, molecular biology, ultra structural analysis of cells and isolated organelles, as well as lipid biochemistry. We will use characterization tools such light scattering, Cryo-TEM, TIRF microscopy and optical tweezers. Our laboratory is equipped with the state of the art proteins purification such as FPLC and PCR. KAUST has also one of the best-equipped core labs in the world such as Genomics core labs, proteomics core labs, analytics and the Nanobiology laboratories. 

KAUST is located on the Red Sea in Thuwal (80km north of Jeddah). Newly opened in September 2009, KAUST is an independent and merit-based university and welcomes exceptional researchers, faculty and students from around the world. KAUST offers attractive base salaries and a wide range of benefits. Further information about KAUST can be found at <a href=""></a>

Applicants need to have a PhD in biophysics, structural biology, biochemistry, bioengineering or a related field with some experience in instrumentation. To apply you please send your curriculum vitae, a list of publications and arrange for three letters of recommendations to be sent to Professor Sahraoui Chaieb at The review of applications will begin immediately and applicants are strongly encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible.


Refer to (JOB No.Phy38) when applying for this Job

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